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Author: Andrew C. Bradley

Andrew Bradley is senior vice president, Global Sales & Acquisitions at Avjet Corporation, an international provider if aircraft charter and management solutions. The company is headquarters in Burbank, California, and mantains a global presence in Washington D.C, Seoul, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Moscow and other locations around the globe.

The G650 Factor

May 2014

If you’ve worked in Business Aviation as long as I have, you’ve seen the continued roller-coaster over the past two or three decades of economic prosperity. Some of you who have been in the industry longer have witnessed pretty much everything: from the oil embargo in the 1970s; the early-1980s recessions; the 1987 Stock Market crash; two Gulf wars; 9/11; and lastly the global financial meltdown of 2008/2009.


Nov 2011

As we head into the Dubai Air Show this month we are reminded of how truly global our industry has become. Over the past eight years the Dubai Air Show has seen a tremendous acceleration in growth, nearly doubling in size during that time. Almost 900 exhibitors from fifty countries attended last year’s MEBAA in Dubai despite it coming on the heels of the 2008-2009 Global Recession.


Oct 2011

As I watched President Obama’s job’s speech recently, I was left with nothing but disappointment and bewilderment. How can the largest economic power on earth be so lost when it comes to the creation of jobs and economic prosperity? Almost every industry of significance - including the banking industry, real estate industry, oil and gas industry, large multinational companies and our own industry - have been verbally attacked in Washington in the last couple of years. Collectively these industries


May 2011

In the world of finance, the term “irrational markets” is meant to describe conditions where asset prices do not match the underlying fundamentals.


Apr 2011

As we approach the much-anticipated Shanghai International Business Aviation Show (SIBAS), I have been reminded of the positive impact that Business Aviation offers to the world’s fastest-growing economy - particularly with China’s private sector increasingly driven by competition, innovation and productivity.


Dec 2010

As I prepare to attend MEBA again this year, I am reminded of the incredible explosion in infrastructure within the United Arab Emirates and Dubai in particular. Dubai and other nearby emirates, to their credit, boast the most modern buildings, transportation infrastructures and cultures.


Sep 2010

A famous quote from former President Ronald Reagan in the 1980s reads: “There are no constraints on the human mind, no walls around the human spirit, no barriers to our progress except those we ourselves erect.” This was clearly directed at the barriers our government erects at the expense of the people it has been elected to protect.


May 2010

My previous two articles centered upon repairing corporate aviation’s image to the general public. While much work remains to be done, overall the fierce attacks on our industry seem to have subsided. Stories in the press such as Avjet’s flight to North Korea assisting ex-President Clinton in winning the successful release of two imprisoned US reporters, or the hundreds of flights into Haiti using private jets to transport urgently needed aid have been a move in the right direction. However, the

The General Business Aviation Crisis

Nov 2009

My last article centered on the negative media surrounding our industry and the tepid and muted response our industry provided. As I pointed out, we have reached a crossroads in the global crisis and general aviation is facing a long journey to rebuilding the public’s perception of our existence.


Sep 2009

Corporate Aviation’s tepid response The great billionaire investor Warren Buffet once said, “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.”In the case of general business aviation, it seems it took even less time than the five minutes Mr. Buffet quoted. General Aviation, along with some of the other more severely affected industries such as real estate, banks and autos can trace most of their crisis moments to a specific date or occurrence; be it the ...

Author: Andrew C. Bradley
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