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Corporate Angel Network - World Aircraft Sales Magazine / Aug 2014

Companies offering an empty seat on their business aircraft to cancer patients in need of specialized treatment and care reflect the best of Business Aviation, observes Jack Olcott. Have you considered doing so? read more

Aircraft Comparative Analysis - Gulfstream G450 - World Aircraft Sales Magazine / Aug 2014

In this month’s Aircraft Comparative Analysis, we provide information on a selection of new and preowned business jets in the $31.1-$42.2m range for the purpose of valuing the new and pre-owned Gulfstream G450. read more

Demystifying New Paint & Interior - World Aircraft Sales Magazine / Aug 2014

When looking at an advertisement for a used aircraft, there is almost always a mention of the paint and interior. What exactly is meant when the aircraft for sale claims to have “new” paint and interior? Have you ever wondered why this is an important aspect of an aircraft? read more

Jet Support Services, Inc. : Featured Supplier

Jet Support Services, Inc.

Continental Motors : Featured Supplier

Continental Motors

Red Box International Ltd. : Featured Supplier

Red Box International Ltd.

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